Digital & Physical Art

Digital Art

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A portfolio of art created in the digital landscape.

The following book was created in ARTS 220: Digital Imaging, where we explored themes such as reality, propoganda, and protest, to be printed in a physical book.

The following objects were sketched and created using Maya Modeling software in the class ARTS 313: Virtual Form. Click to download the mb files.






Wooden Stool

Throughout my work as a social media content creator and marketing itern, I've designed many Instagram stories and marketing materials on Spark, complying with each brand's visual identity and design guidelines.

Some of my work can be viewed on Wellesley College's Instagram here.

More work is featured here!

Black & White Photography

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In the fall of 2019, I took an course to learn to create black and white photograhy. Here is a portfolio of some of that work.

In this capstone project, I aimed to give back a voice to those from whom it had been taken from. A selection of those photos are shown below.

Read the artist statement here .

the moon queen empress judgement woman sun temperance fool spread

In this project, I discovered ways that lighting can be used to highlight objects and spaces.

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In this project, I seeked out moments of movement to capture emotions such as joy and chaos.

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