Mission Improvable

In Olin College of Engineering's class User Oriented Collaborate Design, a team of myself and four others worked to delve deep into the user experience design process, focusing primarily on pre-protyping. Our goal was to present an idea for a prototype of a product which would benefit our user group, local improv artists.

We created a list of contacts by cold calling, networking, and attending various improv shows and workshops. After reaching out to these people, we were able to interview some of our contacts in depth about their lives and needs. This allowed us to create personas and ideate, eventually creating a list of 100 ideas which we narrowed down to 9. This list was further narrowed down through our co-design sessions with our contacts, until we came to the final prototype idea of an 'improv society,' which would benefit underrepresented groups in improv such as women and POC, to level the playing field, provide resources, and create community.

The abrupt shift to remote working in the middle of the semester provided both challenges as well as unexpected benefits, such as being able to widen our contact list and have more meeting flexibility with users through video calling.